Dr. Powell Joins Chiropractic Birthing Center

Dr. Powell

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve humanity through Mission Life International. This chiropractic non-profit is making a difference in Haiti and the US. -Dr. Powell

Dear Dr. Kerith Powell:

Welcome and thank you so much for becoming a board member of Mission Life International's birthing center. The Board of Directors for the birthing center has been formed[.] There has been a lot of praying and planning for this project. The building which will hold a chiropractic and birthing center has taken three years to complete. It cost us approximately $90,000 US to complete and is located in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. It is one of 5 buildings that we have constructed. All of them through donations from wonderful chiropractors, Life University and through the proceeds of Dr. Peter Morgan's chiromissions. We have a building which houses our 29 children at the chiropractic orphanage. We have a kitchen building (ground floor is a kitchen) with housing for our staff. We have a gazebo building that can fit over 100 people. We normally conduct leadership forums for top Haitian High school students. We also hold our Love Notes for Haiti concerts in this building. We hire music teachers to teach the children to sing, dance and play musical instruments. We do a show at the end of our mission trips and the children love performing. This building also serves as our cafe.

We are constructing an automotive building so our older boys can learn how to fix motorcycles. This is a very good job in Haiti.

The chiropractic center and birthing center will be a non profit center completely supported through donations. We will be serving some of the poorest and most wonderful people on the planet. Currently these people have no access to any health care providers. They do not have any electricity, any running water and no bathrooms. They can not afford to go to a hospital or any other health provider. The babies are being delivered on dirt floors in 105 degree temperatures with no filtered water. Water that we can not drink.

This needs to change and this is our mission.

Thank you,

Peter H. Morgan, DC

Founder/President Mission Life International

Mission Life International


Haiti has the highest maternal and infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. Mission Life International believes no woman or baby should die during childbirth. Nearly all maternal and infant deaths in Haiti are preventable with access to a skilled birth attendant. Our mission is to increase access to skilled maternal care along with skilled chiropractic care. Our programs are designed to educate and empower women.

Maternal health refers to the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period. Each stage should be a positive experience, ensuring women and their babies reach their full potential for health and well-being. 

The most common direct causes of maternal injury and death are excessive blood loss, infection, high blood pressure, unsafe abortion, and obstructed labor, as well as indirect causes such as anemia, malaria, and heart disease. Most maternal deaths are preventable with timely management by a skilled health professional working in a supportive environment. 

This proposal addresses the most important issues of the health environment of the community of Ouanaminthe, Haiti.  It is also an effort to propose to its inhabitants’ new services, including chiropractic and chiropractic lifestyle education, as it relates to community-oriented maternal health.  We propose that this will solve some of the deficiencies that affect the community.


Ouanaminthe has a very precarious health system. It is mostly private, unfocused, and unaffordable to the average inhabitant. Therefore, there is a high rate of maternal and infant mortality, lower life expectancy in the region, little access to health services for women. This proposal is intended to set up a Maternal-community-oriented health center, which provides an accessible, efficient and quality alternative so that patients can have access to it, at a reasonable (or no cost), a short waiting period and a better outcome.

We are planning to provide a safe place for Haitian women to receive compassionate and respectful care at the hands of skilled midwives and chiropractors. No one will be turned away. We anticipate that every morning 50 women will start their day waiting to be seen by the midwives. Women will be entering (in labor) to our sanctuary and safety to have their babies.  

Note: The site of this building is on our Mission Life International Village of Hope property. We have 4 other buildings on this property. A building that houses our chiropractic orphanage. A kitchen building with a large kitchen on the ground floor and 4 rooms with bathrooms upstairs. Our gazebo restaurant, a new building that is being constructed, will have the capacity to host 100 people. 


Along with chiropractic, prenatal and postnatal care, the Birthing Center will be also a “Women’s and baby’s Health and Teaching Center,” providing educational classes. Mainly, we want healthy mothers and babies. Poor mothers visiting us will leave with a better understanding of life and health.

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