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Head Back to School Naturally!

Posted on 08-03-2017

Children are headed back to school and there are steps you can take to get them off to a healthy start. From preschool to high school, kids are exposed to many new things each new school year. With each phase of growth come new challenges, as children develop. It is important to find the right "building blocks" for your child and to know what they need with each year of growth. The best advantage you can have is to have your child evaluated for specific nutritional deficit or excess. However, here is a list of basic, foundation type tools that can get your school year started with confidence.

  1. Consider a super absorbent multi-vitamin. Routine growth, development and immune support is dependent on good vitamin and mineral levels.
  2. Consider fish oils. Omega 3, 6 or 9 is vital for brain function, circulation, eye health, coordination, mood and athletic performance. This is critical for focus and attention issues.
  3. Consider full probiotic support. Not all probiotics are the same. Ensure a good 14-16 billion probiotic bacteria per day for children. Anything less might not make it through the stomach acid. This is important for immunity.
  4. Consider the need for iron support. Barring any allergies to these, ensure your child is eating iron-rich food such as turkey, beans, leafy vegetables, dried fruit, sweet potatoes, red meat and eggs. However, if there is an iron deficiency, it can throw off many necessary processes in the body and your child may need supplementation to raise levels. Low iron can impede good health due to it's link to immune problems, low energy and behavioral issues. It is important to know that not all multi-vitamin brands have iron in them.
Here's to a great school year and healthy kids!

Kriscinda Morgan, ND

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