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Dr. Kerith Powell

Dr. Kerith Powell is a graduate of Parker University, Dallas, Texas, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Powell has been practicing chiropractic since January, 2000. In November 2006 he accepted a position on the faculty at the world's largest Chiropractic University, Life University in Marietta, GA.

His chiropractic approach begins with the fact that our brain has a role in controlling, regulating and monitoring every action and function of our bodies. The brain does this primarily through the spinal cord. The brain is protected by our skull and spinal cord by our spinal bones. In order to have flexibility our spinal bones are able to move and sometimes mis-align. This misalignment is called subluxation when it affects the nervous system and he uses the appropriate chiropractic technique to correct these subluxations.

“There are three causes of subluxation, trauma (when two or more forces collide), toxins (chemicals absorbed or ingested), thoughts (worry, negative emotions, loss). When a subluxation is present our body will adapt and attempt to self-correct. The problem occurs when self-correction does not occur and subluxations remain for extended periods.”

Dr. Powell

Everyone needs a chiropractor and there is a chiropractor for everyone, let me be your chiropractor..

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