Mission Trip Haiti

Mission Trip Haiti

Birthing Center is Open

Video Updates

August 20th 2021

A hurricane heading towards New York may alter travel plans.

August 19th 2021

More donations arrive at the office today.

August 18th 2021

Mrs. Sylvia, CEO and Founder of Precious Image Creations Donates Swaddles to New Mothers at the Birthing Center in Haiti.

August 17th 2021

We have begun packing and are so grateful for all of your support.

Thank you for your help!

Thoughts on Mission Trip Haiti

Birthing Center

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now!
All the time anyone ever has is in the present moment. What we do in each moment contributes to the experiences we face. Now is the time to stop postponing making your contribution to the birthing center. You will not regret making a contribution. You will feel better after making it. You will be helping me to provide family planning, hygienic conditions for delivery, and postpartum care.

I will not attempt to describe the conditions they have now. The conditions were explained to us before we got there and we thought we understood. The reality is much worse and impossible to explain without experiencing them in person. I’ve added several photos that we took while we were there. They give you a glimpse of what we saw. Keep checking back as this page will be updated with new information and photographs.

We are returning in August to check on the progress and report that to you. In the meantime, we are asking that you begin thinking about ways to help us, help the center. We have considered shipping a container of supplies, we are considering contracting that out to a local vendor. The birthing center will need constant re-supply. Another way to help is to come on a trip yourself. There will be a few spaces for qualified volunteers to join us. If you are interested and have not told me yet, please let me know right away!

The donate now button will remain on the page for now. Please select Powell's Team when you leave a gift. Your money is used 100% towards these missions, that's right, all the members volunteer their time. 

The Compound

The image above shows the compound that houses the orphans, straight ahead in front of the busses. The Birthing Center on the right and you can see the large gazebo to the left. 

Donate Now

After we announced that Dr. Powell was added to the board of directors for a chiropractic birthing center in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Dr. Powell and Dr. Ronda Ward spent a week on the island of Hispaniola. The members of the board met and decided to open the Birthing Center in June. 

Auto Shop

The orphans all learn skills that turn into income. This shop is a motorcycle repair shop that the boys operate just outside of the compound.

Power Generator

Electricity in this part of the country is provided only on the main road. The compound is on the main road, but guess what? Power is unreliable so this generator is used a lot. 


Dr. Peter Morgan found this Ford E-450 van in New York for $10K and went to pick it up. The owner asked what is he using it for, after Dr. Morgan shared the story about the orphanage to the seller they knocked $5K off the price. Then some of Dr. Morgan's network in NY filled the van with donations and shipped it to Haiti. This van got great use while we were there, the drivers are skilled in ways we can't imagine due to the conditions under which they drive. 


The words on the side of the van are exactly what happens  when it shows up. Although with 97 degree days, everyday, we might have used the word Joy instead of sunshine. However, faces light up when this van pulls up.

Church Park

This photo demonstrates the amount of attention we received while out and about.

Donate Now

Thank you Drs Powell and Ward

Thank you for your interest. I hope you can find a few dollars to donate to this mission.

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