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Each participant will receive personal instruction, information to take home including demonstration videos and handouts. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Location: 1982 Main Street East Suite D, Snellville, GA

Cost: - $150.00

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Classes: Thursdays at 6PM

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Darren Thompson- Born and raised in NC, Darren earned his B.A. in mathematics and physics at Appalachian State University and his M.S. in theoretical/mathematical physics at UNC-Chapel Hill, specializing in quantum physics and general relativity. He has studied a variety of Eastern and Western martial arts for more than forty years (earning various degrees of Black Belt or equivalent rank in several, including 8th Degree in Go Rin Kai Aikibujutsu), and has over thirty-five years’ experience teaching martial arts, both for their health benefits as well as self-defense, to students of all ages and abilities, including many who have physical limitations due to health issues.
Jessica Thompson- A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Jessica is a 2007 graduate of Elon University with a B.S. in biology. Currently, she spends her days as a laboratory supervisor for a local college microbiology laboratory. She began her martial arts training in 2005, earning her Black Belt in American Karate in 2008 and her Black Belt in Aikibujutsu in 2011. Since 2007, Jessica has worked as an assistant instructor with Darren. She also has extensive experience working with students with physical limitations.

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