Theresa Hall’s Recovery Through Natural Remedies

Theresa Hall

Theresa Hall enjoyed a long career as an IRS analyst, one most members of the public will appreciate. Her role was to assess retirement plans that were initially exclusive only to senior company executives. Theresa made sure all employees of that company had access to those same desirable plans.  After retiring from this career, she took on a second career in real estate and real estate investing.  She studied and worked hard and became the first woman to be president of the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association.

Theresa was also in the US Army reserve for 22 years. She enlisted intending to stay for only three years but chose to serve her country for decades.

Theresa’s instinct for years has been to first seek natural, homeopathic remedies for any ailment. She avoids allopathic practitioners such as MDs whenever possible. 

In the late 1990s Theresa developed severe medical problems. The most significant were tingling and numbness in her feet and hands. Theresa suffered from Raynaud's phenomenon, where small arteries that supply blood to the skin constrict excessively in response to cold, limiting blood supply to the affected area. It is a condition in which some areas of the body feel numb and cold in certain circumstances.

Theresa’s condition worsened. The Raynaud's phenomenon led to wet gangrene, which occurs when bacteria invades tissue. This makes the area swell, drain fluid and smell bad. Her fingertips turned black. She saw a hand doctor, who recommended amputation of the fingers most severely affected. The MD advised Theresa that she would likely lose all of her fingers and perhaps toes as the condition worsened. She sought another opinion at a leading Atlanta medical center. MDs there gave her the same grim prognosis.

Theresa sought any alternative to amputation. One was chelation therapy, what she called a “roto rooter” of the veins. Theresa was a regular listener to a health radio talk show. When the hosts opened a natural food store in Snellville Georgia she attended the grand opening. She asked one of the doctors about her fingers and Raynauds. That doctor referred Theresa to another specialist in chelation therapy.

Chelation therapy uses special drugs that bind to metals in one’s blood. Medicine is delivered through an intravenous tube in the arm. 

Theresa went for chelation treatments two to three times a week and noticed improvement after only two weeks.  She continued treatment for about 3 months, when she became short on funds.  Yet she stresses that when one is sick and does not have their health, no price tag should be placed on getting well.  Theresa frets that people might shy away from natural remedies because they are not covered by insurance.

Over time Theresa’s fingers completely rejuvenated. All ten of her fingers are natural in color with complete feeling. Her fingers are slightly bent yet fully functional. She still experiences some symptoms, such as hypersensitivity to cold.

She extensively researched her condition and became a raw foodist in another effort to alleviate her symptoms. 

Also known as “rawism”, this is the dietary practice of eating only or mostly food that is uncooked and unprocessed. Theresa took the further step of eating only organic foods. Theresa hosted and attended a number of raw foodist dinner parties.

Theresa maintained the raw food diet for four years. That is a labor intensive regimen to source and prepare meals. She began cooking again, albeit still organic, once her condition returned closer to normal.

Having lived in Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Richmond, the warmer Georgia climate is certainly beneficial. She moved here in 1991 and avoids travel to the north in cooler months if she can.

In the 1990s, Theresa began seeing Dr. Chris Greene for herbs and supplements she knew to be beneficial for circulation. He is the founder of Dr. Chris Natural Remedies. 

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