Qigong and Its Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions About Qigong

Q: What is Qigong?
A: Qigong (also spelled chi kung and pronounced “CHEE-gong”), is the Chinese name for a collection of health exercise practices that date back, in many cases, thousands of years. The word qigong is often translated as “energy work” or “energy cultivation,” with the desire to cultivate “healthy qi (energy),” or, a “vibrant sense of health,” in the body. Often taught within traditional martial arts schools, qigong is sometimes called “Chinese yoga.” If you are familiar with tai chi, then you have seen one form of qigong.

Q: What is qi (chi)?
A: Qi or chi is often translated as “internal energy.” In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a healthy individual has strong, vibrant chi.

Q: What do I need to practice qigong?
A: No special equipment is required. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is best. T-shirts or sweatshirts, shorts, sweat or yoga pants are ideal. Wear comfortable, non-skid walking or running shoes as well. You may want to dress in layers because, although the exercises are gentle, you can break a bit of a sweat! A yoga mat may also be beneficial but is not essential.

Q: What is included in this course?
A: Course fee covers the six weeks of instruction, course handouts (including video tutorial), and a certificate of completion for those who attend all classes

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