Your First Naturopathic Visit


What should I expect from my first Naturopathic Visit?

Because Naturopathic Doctors focus on the whole person, each visit will likely will be different. Our naturopath, Dr. Morgan, provides individualized care and makes recommendations tailored to your most urgent and specific needs at the time of your visit. 

Your first visit is an in depth assessment that includes a thorough health history, review of systems, hospitalizations, surgeries, medications and recent lab or imaging studies. Your first visit is also a thorough examination that includes an iridology analysis, a physical assessment using the science of muscle testing. Further laboratory tests may be ordered depending on your presenting condition and the state of your health.

All traditional naturopaths use the healing properties of herbal medicines, botanicals, homeopathics and bio-identical glandulars nothing your body does not know how to process. In other words naturopaths do not introduce materials that are foreign or stressing to your body.

We stock most of the items that will be recommended, however not all of them and some items may be on backorder as they are subject to nature and quality assurance standards. The use, misuse, and overuse of prescription synthetic drugs has contributed to the state of healthcare in this country and by making small, cost-effective, efficient steps we are empowering people to take control of their health. Consider that natural remedies have always been a part of human history. Maybe it’s time to get back to the basics and get more from your health care provider.

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